The Sunniest Cities in Europe

Craving some Vitamin D? These are the European cities where the sun always shines!

If you are in need of your next dose of vitamin D after the dreary winter months and are not sure where to go, look no further. Holidu, the holiday rental portal, has analysed data from World Weather Online to find the European cities where the sun shines the most. Read on to discover the ultimate travel guide to escape the rainy spring weather.

1. Malaga, Spain – avg. 280.2 sun hours per month

Malaga conquers first place in the ranking and can this year call itself the sunniest city in Europe. Here, you will enjoy an average of 280.2 hours of sunshine every month. Sunseekers can enjoy the beaches and pavement cafes all year round in this beautiful Spanish city! But you shouldn’t go to Malaga just for the sunshine, its cultural and culinary offerings are also not to be overlooked. From the Pompidou and other world-class museums to colourful festivals like the Feria de Malaga, there is a lot to experience in this city.

2. Alicante, Spain – avg. 280 hours of sun per month

We stay in Spain for the second city in this ranking: Alicante! This city on the Costa Blanca has been a popular holiday destination for years, mainly thanks to its beautiful weather and white beaches. And with 280 hours of sunshine per month, you have more than enough chances to sunbathe on Alicante’s beaches! Besides the beaches and monuments, be sure to visit the pink salt lakes of Torrevieja and Tabarca Island, two not-to-be-missed excursions from Alicante.

3. Murcia, Spain – avg. 277.7 hours of sun per month

Spain reigns supreme with the third place going to Murcia, a city that often remains under the radar of travellers. With sunny weather all year round, this is a fun city for sunseekers who like to avoid the crowds of popular destinations. Not only will you enjoy the beautiful historic centre in Murcia, but there are also lots of fun day trips to enjoy! The beaches of Bolnuevo, beautiful Cartagena and the medieval village of Lorca are just a few examples of what the region around Murcia has to offer.

The top 10 ranking is completed by:

4. Catania, Italy | 274.9 sun hours per month
5. Seville, Spain | 273.9 sun hours per month
6. Cordoba, Spain | 268.5 sun hours per month
7. Marseille, France | 267.6 sun hours per month
8. Madrid, Spain | 266.9 sun hours per month
9. Zaragoza, Spain | 265.9 sun hours per month
10. Athens, Greece | 262.2 sun hours per month

Europe’s cheapest sun-drenched destinations

Seeking the sun on a limited budget? You certainly can! There are several European cities where you can fully enjoy the sun for a reasonable price. In Spain, you’ll find no less than 2 sunny destinations where you can rent a holiday home for less than 100 euros: Murcia (93€/night) and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (94€/night). And also in Sicily, in Catania, you can easily rent a cottage for 96€/night. Other affordable destinations include Athens (113€/night) and Palermo (109€/night).

Other sunny spots in Europe

If none of these top 10 destinations tickle your fancy, fear not, as there is an abundance of other options for you to choose from. Perhaps the beautiful island of Majorca? Where sun, sea, sand and sangria can be enjoyed all day long. Holiday rentals in Majorca are gorgeous too, some boasting private pools, well-kept gardens and sea views – tempted?

Another great choice would be to head to Greece, where you will also be met with beautiful landscapes, fascinating history and some of the most mouth-watering food in Europe.

Interested in some more weather information?

You can also find on Holidu our research and information about the snowiest cities in Europe and the rainiest cities in Europe.


All European cities with more than 300,000 inhabitants were considered. This ranking was made using data from World Weather Online. The average number of sun hours per month in each city for the years 2009 to 2024 was extracted. With this data from World Weather Online, we then calculated the overall average number of sun hours per month using the average from each month of the year. The average temperature (via World Weather Online) and average price per night for 2023 (internal data from Holidu) were also collected as secondary data points.

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