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Popular Lettings in Scotland

Excellent holiday village for 4 people in Newton Stewart
4 pers., 1 bedrooms
19 reviews
Newton Stewart, Lowlands
£68per night
Cottage for 5 people in Auchterarder
5 pers., 2 bedrooms
1 review
Auchterarder, The Highlands
£38per night
Large holiday home for 10 people in Cairngorms National Park, with sauna and whirlpool as well as garden, with pets, 1500 m²
10 pers., 2 bedrooms
Cairngorms National Park, The Highlands
£269per night
Cottage for 4 people in Moray Firth, with pets
4 pers., 2 bedrooms, 8.9km to the beach
Moray Firth, The Highlands
£135per night
Fantastic camping for 2 people in Highlands, with whirlpool and terrace, 12 m²
2 pers., 1 bedrooms, 1.9km to the beach
132 reviews
Highlands, The Highlands
£115per night
Holiday home for 8 people in Argyll & Bute, with whirlpool and garden
8 pers., 4 bedrooms, 10.6km to the beach
Argyll & Bute, The Highlands
£125per night
Holiday village for 5 people in Highlands
5 pers., 2 bedrooms
6 reviews
Highlands, The Highlands
£50per night
Holiday home for 2 people in North Uist, with garden
2 pers., 1 bedrooms, 5.1km to the beach
North Uist, Scottish Islands
£33per night
Cottage for 4 people in Cairngorms National Park
4 pers., 2 bedrooms
5 reviews
Cairngorms National Park, The Highlands
£55per night
Cottage for 8 people in Banchory, with pets
8 pers., 4 bedrooms
Banchory, The Highlands
£93per night
Gorgeous holiday home for 2 people in North Ayrshire, with whirlpool and garden
2 pers., 1 bedrooms
9 reviews
Ayrshire, Lowlands
£90per night
Comfortable lodge for 6 people in Loch Lomond, 60 m²
6 pers., 3 bedrooms, 150m to the beach
39 reviews
Loch Lomond, The Highlands
£65per night
Lovely camping for 2 people in Highlands, with garden, with pets, 6 m²
2 pers., 1 bedrooms, 6.9km to the beach
366 reviews
Highlands, The Highlands
£45per night
Fabulous lodge for 2 people in Rashfield, with garden, 25 m²
2 pers., 9.6km to the beach
71 reviews
Rashfield, The Highlands
£47per night
Cottage for 3 people in Loch Ness
3 pers., 2 bedrooms, 4.1km to the beach
Loch Ness, The Highlands
£38per night
Gorgeous, large holiday home for 6 people in Highlands, with pets, 100 m²
6 pers., 3 bedrooms
43 reviews
Highlands, The Highlands
£133per night
Comfortable holiday village for 6 people in Loch Lomond, with garden, 75 m²
6 pers., 3 bedrooms, 1.2km to the beach
223 reviews
Loch Lomond, The Highlands
£90per night
Fabulous holiday home for 3 people in Loch Ness, with terrace, 20 m²
3 pers., 2 bedrooms, 10.6km to the beach
120 reviews
Loch Ness, The Highlands
£70per night
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Internet 10,828
Pet allowed 4,655
Balcony/Terrace 2,495
TV 3,956
Garden 6,786
Parking 10,165
Washing machine 3,562
Heating 9,194
Elevator 740
Scotland is renowned as a nation with historic castles, the traditional Highland Games and some of the most beautiful lakes, or, “lochs” in the UK. Discover landscapes which have been used as scenery in film sets for Harry Potter and Braveheart, unique cuisine and many outdoor activities with Holidu’s simple search function for many lodges, cottages and holiday lettings today!

Things to know about Scotland

Scotland – Lodges and Cottages in endless Landscapes cater for self-rediscovery

A coast line of over 7,000 miles, hundreds of small and larger islands, breath-taking rivers, lochs and majestic mountains – this can all be found in Scotland! Featuring various national parks from the Cairngorms in the nation’s north east, Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park just to the north of Glasgow, the stunning peaks of the Highlands throughout the nation’s north including Ben Nevis, the highest point in the UK,

>p>Scotland caters for some of the most stunning views and landscapes the United Kingdom has to offer: Scotland offers crystal clear rivers and lochs, in which salmon and trout splash about. Furthermore, those who have a, “green thumb” will be excited by the glorious and the award winning gardens Scotland has to offer. Take your time to explore this unbridled nation with its endlessly picturesque nature and magnificent Fauna. At the end of a long day, there is no better place to happily return to than a cosy lodge or cottage tailored to you!

The Capital of Scotland: Edinburgh
The Capital of Scotland: Edinburgh

Book a Lodge, Cottage or a Holiday Letting in Scotland and indulge your Senses

Scotland’s unique nature and landscape isn’t the only aspect which defines the nation – it is known for its constantly changing weather and the huge variety of culinary delicacies. From the infamous deep fried Mars Bars of Scotland’s cities, Aberdeen Angus steaks, Haggis (which is actually sheep’s intestine stuffed in its stomach – not a small Scottish animal with two short legs and two long legs as told in Scottish folklore) with, “wee neaps and tatties” to fresh lobster found in the bays by the Highlands. The fish courses of Cullen Skink and Finan Haddie should on no account be missed if you want to try some delicious Scottish sea food,

along with the intriguing shell fish course named, “Arbroath Smokies”, unique to Arbroath in Angus. A visit to Scotland however cannot be experienced without trying out some of Scotland’s renowned traditional Whisky which has been distilled throughout Scottish history – visit one of Scotland’s many whisky distilleries and try a, “wee dram” for yourself! With a whole range of activities on offer, Scotland offers something for all kinds of holiday maker – from hiking, trekking, mountain climbing to whiskey tasting, horse riding and shopping in a great city. With many lodges, cottages and holiday lettings on offer, there has never been a better time to visit!

Top 5 Travel Tips for Scotland – Holidu displays the best Lodges, Cottages and Holiday Lettings

1. The Highlands, where many scenes of the Harry Potter series and Braveheart were filmed, are arguably the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom, let alone Scotland. Fascinating history, several landmarks and a unique landscape which only exists here awaits. Explore the famous lakes, glorious mountain ravines, picturesque beaches and reminisce by age olds monuments on historic battlefields. The region is also known for its huge array of outdoor activities, such as hiking and climbing Britain’s tallest mountains.

2. In the south of Scotland, the renowned soft hilly landscapes of the Lowlands are found – take a detour to Hadrian’s Wall and experience the peaceful rolling hills and majestic castles of the lowlands on your journey down south. Furthermore, a trip to the Isle of Arran is recommended, which is also known as, “Scotland in Miniature.”

3. The capital city of Edinburgh combines decades of history with a lively and open minded atmosphere. Experience the impressive scenery, stunning architecture and picturesque coast –

Edinburgh truly deserves its UNESCO World Heritage Site label and is known as the festival city with its Edinburgh Fringe festival which takes place in late August.

4. Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow doesn’t lag far behind. Glasgow has always been well known for its pragmatic adaptability and the contrast to its more conservative neighbour in Edinburgh. Glasgow’s communicative character, the distinctive humour, the helpfulness as well as the creativity of its Glaswegians also contribute to this – despite its redevelopment to a modern cosmopolitan metropolis, the city hasn’t lost its robust charm: Victorian, classical and Art nouveau Façade elements don’t feel out of place with modern structures. Glasgow is a hotbed for its art and music, with its Buchanan Street being known as the second best shopping mile in the UK.

5. Discover the fascinating animal world of the Shetland Islands and wonder at archaeological landmarks as well as a flourishing culture and art scene. Furthermore, stunning gardens and a big offer for all kinds of activities, such as golfing and cycling is available. With their renowned natural beauty, the Shetland Islands are a home to stunning cottages with some of the most stunning views in the country!

Dugald Stewart Monument
Dugald Stewart Monument

Lodges, Cottages and Holiday Lettings to suit you in Scotland with Holidu!

Scotland is home to the most stunning landscapes in the UK and certainly does not disappoint when it comes to great activities to try, cuisine to taste and welcoming people to get to know. With a large offer of lodges, cottages and holiday lettings on offer, there has never been a better time to discover Scotland and find yourself in great accommodation specifically

tailored to you. With Holidu’s user friendly search function, you can tailor your accommodation to the amount of rooms you want, good proximity to local restaurants, child friendly facilities, a TV, a dishwasher, a garden and many more features. Discover undisturbed lakes, majestic mountains, picturesque islands and buzzing cities in Scotland and book with Holidu today!